11th January 2019


I feel the need to out my words out maybe it will help maybe it wont but who knows maybe it will help me cope better with the loss i felt that day i want to tell you of how amazing he actually was i gave him so much love and he gave me so much more than i think he ever knew . lets go back to when i first met him i was working and came home from my job at the local bowling ally first person i saw was my partner he had the biggest smile on his face i thought aw how nice to see my partner waiting for me to come home . he said look who i found and on the couch there was this little black cat curled up in a ball my first thought was wow how Beautiful . I fell in love instantly at first we thought he was a she and we named him mystique out of the xmen lol well after a couple days we soon realised that she was a he and we named him Sylvester .that night he slept on the sofa he never moved slept with so much peace like he had a rough time and he was glad of the peaceful sleep the next morning he was still there looking me like im hungry what you going to feed me human . looking so cute soon the years past he became my go to friend when i was sad he would push his head against mine letting me know that he was round and i shouldn’t be sad i was at that time going though something that know one should ever have to and thats for another time to tell . he came into my life at the lowest and kept me going he kept me alive over the years we became so attached where i was he was he soon became my best friend he would know when i was hurting or sad he just knew and that might sound crazy to some people but its true he made my life at more fun and showed me that he wasn’t just a cat . he wasn’t normal size cat he was a big lad not a fatty more stocky in the right places he became so attached he would sleep night to me every night and i got to the point where he wouldn’t sleep any where else and if he wasn’t beside me he was above me like he was watching over me He became really protective over me i know not many people love cats and think that Cats are evil and cant get attached or cant love then all i can say is im sorry you didnt meet Sylvester . He was a real character after 10years of love and devotion on the 11th January He fell asleep in my arms . I personally dont think ill ever get over him i still cry seeing a picture or even saying his name it been 4 months and its not getting any easier good BYE sylvester and thank you xx

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