My Photography


My home Town is a beautiful place i was born in a little place called Preston Lancashire i love taking photos and theses are just some of places around Preston, i am always going back home and seeing the change its had since i left i moved away for my own personal reasons and i met the most amazing person along the way he became my husband , Preston is a small town and constantly updating and changing in a good way some places i wish they kept and some areas of it i am glad they changed it i will be doing a lot more of my Photography as i now have a awesome piece of kit to do it . when i was little me and dad would walk to town every Saturday just us some of my best memories I have getting potatoes at the town city potato man i called him he is still around well his family is i remember my hands being that small i struggled to hold the food tray that was holding all that yummy food . i must go back and take my dad with me just to get some spuds with cheese and beans. Well worth the walk lol


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