My Husband Paul the artist

My husband paul doesn’t give himself a enough credit when it comes to his Art .He has been drawing since he was little he went to collage and passed when to uni while i met him in his first year he was doing a BA Honours in animation and he passed he did really well here is just some of the art work he has created i have told him he needs to get his art work out there for the world to see but yet not really had the time as he works full time but hes getting there theses are a lot of his old work i am seem his art style change over the years i hope you enjoy his work as much as i do and dont forget to give it a show of support with a like i have bought him alot of graphic pads and screens the one i really love him using is Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 Creative Pen Display is a amazing piece of kit.

Artist Paul davies

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