Over 3 years of streaming

Over 3 years of streaming every day after work before work trying to get somewhere with it. Twitch is a massive gaming service for players to stream there favourite games. We have been looking for our big brake for a while doing 12 hour streams with very little views not going to lie its hard and it’s very difficult to understand more frustration with our team than anything we give our all attention to the viewers and they just disappear and we don’t understand why we haven’t got anywhere maybe one day we will get the attention that we are craving we can’t really give anymore to the viewers as we haven’t got anything to give. We stream everyday for like 12 hours some times longer and still have no clue what where doing wrong. We would love to know any information or advice you have on getting noticed maybe looking from the outside in would help. We are tkm_gaming on Twitch and been on the road to becoming a twitch partner for 3 years we are affiliated and very proud of it please show support and help spread the word.

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