Bucket list


Everyone has a idea of what they want there bucket list to be we all have dreams and goals and there’s only amount of time we have on this earth such a shame that some people just don’t get to live long enough to see how wonderful it truly is and I personally think we humans don’t know how lucky we are what a beautiful world it is. Its a shame mankind don’t know how to look after it a little better. So many beautiful places to go in the world places with beaches and water as clear as the sky and mountains full of snow and beautiful waterfalls. My favourite waterfalls our nature made. The world’s to busy hating on each other to enjoy whats right in front of there eyes I would give anything to see half the world but theses days it cost to much and I don’t make that kind of money I’m still waiting for our honeymoon get away. So if you have a list you want to accomplish. Go back a bag and tick them off time isn’t on our side. Remember theses steps.

  1. Treat yourself once in a while
  2. Be honest with what you really want.
  3. Go and see the sites
  4. Embrace this world and its beauty.
  5. Always remember the people that help you in time of need
  6. Think for yourself
  7. The world is a beautiful place.

That’s not bucket list but I think 🤔 if you open your eyes and live for the moment you will be alot happier.

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