Pass the Fan over dear.

This heat is horrible to sleep in can’t sleep at all. No fan so I can’t cool myself down no ice so there’s a big no no. No shops open to get myself a nice cold refreshing drink and it’s 1.50am everyone’s a sleep but myself this heat is stopping me from taking my snooze. Yay for me had a lovely day today though trying to get myself walking around again more as for the past 6 months I’ve been off work and in so much pain I’m off work with a bulging disk and trust me it’s as painful as it sounds. Some days I can bearly move its that crippling pain. The medication my doctor put me on sometimes does the trick and sometimes doesn’t awaiting a scan at the present time can’t come quick enough to be honest I really miss working I used to be first in work and always on time always made sure I did my job as a carer as a carer should with love and lots of care. But as the nature of my job and my health Its come to a stop. As I said before I actually had a really nice day today I went out with my husband had a lovely walk I felt the pain when I came home but I didn’t let it on to him he was so happy I didn’t want to spoil it tomorrow well today as it is technically morning it will be our 2 years wedding anniversary. 22/04/2017 How he’s put up with me ill never know. Goodnight peeps. Oh and sweet dreams ❤️😇

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