Can’t sleep


Wow this is getting annoying I would actually love to get some sleep but the pain I feel in my body won’t let me rest. Pain has worsened over the past months painkillers don’t seem to work like they did takes alot longer than normal. I was thinking while I’m just laid here in bed while everyone’s sound sleep. Should I try yoga? Would it help me relax and release some tension in my muscles most of the pain I feel is in my lower back but at the moment I feel a ache just my whole body telling me something and me not knowing how to relieve it. Sometimes the pain is that strong I cry it out. I used to be so active walking around all the time now I struggle with my house staircase onee step at a time my doctors say be patient and you will feel the benefit he says he’s going to push for a scan and maybe opporate if I need it. Truthfully if I have I fix myself and my bulging disk I would rather do that the go under any knife. I’ll keep you guys posted on my health soon as I know you will. But for now I think I need a yoga mat begginers one definitely. Hope you guys had a lovely Easter break back to reality tomorrow. Night peeps x

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