Everyone is Beautiful and dont let anyone tell you differently.

Selfie … credit Louisa davies

Im not a self centred person i believe there is beauty in all of us people can be so mean name calling , like your ears dont match your hair isnt like mine i have a better body so many things i have had so many woman and men be cruel names do hurt they stick in your head and we all do it where not happy with our bodies and have this obsession of how we look to others im not the best looking person in the world but i know one thing i am beautiful inside and people who really care about you as a person will take you how ever you are , no matter what you look like beauty starts within so the next time someone is mean to you because of the way you look to them , doesn’t mean your not beautiful , it just means there ignorance cant see how wonderful you actually are ..

:Be yourself ;

Love yourself with Class

true friends will always love you for who you are inside.

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