Dead mans fingers got me

Well last night went well i got me some rum dead man fingers actually really nice i was being good eating healthy and all but the drink got the better of me my hair was down i was relaxed and laughing and joking and then the crave for sweaty takeout happened and i ordered takeout lol damn it i was doing so well .. what a flop looks like i am gonna have to start all over again and to be fair i did order the healthier side of the menu lol is there is such a thing. i had grilled chicken in a wrap wasn’t even hot but i was that hungry i didn’t even care so guys back to square one i must admit i had the best time me and my husband dont spend enough time together and its the little things that matter and that was one ill remember im not even a big drinker well i think its more of i havent found my drink . husband asked me you a Gin or a rum drinker i think i like the Gin better as this morning i woke up with a massive headache with rum but the night before Gin i didn’t wake up with massive pain in my face hah so i think i prefer that feeling . so back to the point i failed healthy but i will keep trying and keep trying to find that balance.

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