A little taste of Goodness

Healthy , salad with eggs and pasta

A little taste of goodness this afternoon i had a healthy dish home made of course not hard to boil a egg and stick some pasta on , i just realised how expensive it really is to eat healthy i mean you can go to your local takeout and get chips for a ¬£1 i must say i had frozen foods and i dont like buying it but i do for the kids because they just love there pies i dont them ill start making my own homemade pies i think that would be fun to do any tips on how to would be fantastic home made pizza is that healthy ? i guess its all about how much you eat and not so much and how much you eat maybe ? who knows all i know is family of 4 trying the healthy side of life isnt cheap need to find a way that works for all of us , the school meals my daughters say aren’t healthy at all so eating that at school and then eating healthy at home how would i get around that , maybe pack lunch all i know is to stay away from certain foods and eat less and often as they say ill let you know how the homes made stuff goes .

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