Then and now memories.. Tea parties and band rehearsals and basketball games. Looking back

Being a little girl I remember it like it was yesterday I grow up in a small town called Preston in a loving home of a amazing mother who even though had her own struggles did everything to make sure we had a good start in life and showered us and then there was dad who couldn’t get rid of little me 😂 or grown up me I’m still round him every chance I get. I was a proper daddies girl still am really he knows that he was around for my silly tea parties hah and my hair dressing styles every bobble in the house went in my dad’s hair hah I have been very lucky with the mum and dad I’ve been given so much love and support. Every where dad went I went lol Shame he couldn’t get rid of he tried basketball games band rehearsals. So many memories to remintist.. Good morning peeps

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