Time is a good healer ,


its not easy letting go of anyone you care about especially when they been in your life so long some people would say suck it up its only a pet , well for them people he wasn’t just a pet he was my happy place made me feel loved i have found it very hard not thinking about him he was such a sweetheart followed me everywhere i feel sorry for my husband as hes got to deal with the tears and hes brillent as usual its not everyday i brake down in tears and every so often not many people would understand and not many will care and thats perfectly fine and totally understandable i feel like writing my feeling down on here helps me a-lot and i dont wanna forget sylvester i just wanna be able to think about the good times an remember how good of a cat he actually was i he came in my life at my lowest and brought sunshine and love so many happy memories but at the moment i feel crushed i guess time to is a good healer .

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