Good morning sun is beaming


Beautiful πŸ’ž morning good friends are very hard to find. My experience they always..

Been looking for anything around me book club. Coffee mornings groups. It was actually my husbands idea and a great one to be honest Anything I need to make new friends ones I can call if I’ve had bad day or if I just want to chat or have a drink with while watching a chick flick haha I never really had that a feeling I can really trust they always seem to backstab me in some way. They get jealous of my relationship or my home life or something that’s not even relevant I’m not rich I don’t have alot and what I do have I’ve worked for me and my husband had nothing when we met I have alot of people I know work friends mainly school friends I still say hello to or how you doing but when it comes down to it. It’s just me. Sometimes not having some that connection is good because u don’t have to worry about upsetting anyone. But I would just love to have a friend who I could get a glass of wine 🍷 with enjoy our coffee and chat about whos had the worst day πŸ˜‚. I’m 35 and lived my life so far the best I can I’ve respect and been a good friend I’m a good person just people always seem to leave me in the end so I gave up trying to find what some people take for granted. Maybe I’m just to awesome to have friends hah

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