decided to work from home.. because of my resent misfortunes …

This months Customer #kudos

i have been ill for around 7 months off work i love my job as a carer looking after the end of life . its been a crazy start to 2019 lets go back a few steps in January i lost my diamond of a friend he was my cat of 10years . i got unwell in December 2018 where i got rushed in to hospital i passed out on the toilet of all places but before then i felt strange so i got up and walked to the bathroom sat on the lid and had a overwhelming spasm in my arm it was that bad i started breathing strangely the spasm in my arm crawled in to my hand and my hand made a claw it was stuck there i was so scared i dont remember anything after that my husband had just left for his morning shift according to my oldest daughter telling me what happened after i wouldn’t of known any diffrent , she said while i was in the bathroom it was screaming in pain and stuck in the spasm i was there but wasn’t if that makes any sense i dont remember all i know is my oldest caught me from falling hard she kept me awake untill the ambulance took over when i came to i was in the hospital the the girls ,my husband came to the hospital and he was told , it was caused from my back nerves i have a bulging disk is it very sore and hard to do the day to day thing as you know i know i have been off work for 7 months waiting for my occupational health appointment on the 13th of may just gone to see if im able to go back to work He said I’m sorry but your not fit for this work anyway. You back is that bad u can’t do daily things. I cried. I’ve done care for more than 10 years now what should I do. He said to me u should consider taking early retirement at 35 you cant stand for more than 10 minutes can’t sit without pain can’t walk far anymore. It’s completely turned my world around my hip goes without any notice im not gong to lie i am heartbroken i loved my job looking after people who really needed it theres always someone worse off and i saw it in my job , i will miss all my work friends and all the people i looked after now when i got home the afternoon i was broken my life was going good i had a great job good mates and now im just me no job and a real pain in the ass , literally lol im feeling lost and didn’t know what to do , now i joined younique 2018 and never really given it a chance Younique’s mission is to uplift, empower, validate, and ultimately build self-esteem in women around the world through high-quality products that encourage both inner and outer beauty and spiritual enlightenment and thats something i need to again my Self esteem because at the moment its the lowest its ever been i would really appreciate it if you share like and have a look at my website to see if there is anything you would Love to buy 20% of my earning will go to the The Younique Foundation ive decided to call my business Touch of Beauty ©

The Younique Foundation

There mission is to inspire hope in women who were sexually abused as children or adolescents by helping to provide healing services through retreats, survivor communities, and online resources. We help to empower parents and caregivers to protect children from sexual abuse through education and online resources. We also strive to make it safe to openly discuss sexual abuse through community dialogue and social awareness.

ALL i ask if a little help to get me started on my home project to make ends meet while i am out of work you can share like or just borrows thank for reading my post i hope you all have a wonderful day share with family friends and why not even JOIN my team , xx

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