ever get that feeling…


You ever get that feeling no matter what you do your always being judged. I’ve had alot of stuff happen in my life and one day I’ll open up about my personal experiences let you know how it’s made me a stronger person and knowing what really if you haven’t been in someone’s shoes you don’t have the right to be judgemental towards them. I haven’t really got alot of people left I trust and to think of it that way is very upsetting the one person I trust completely is my husband he’s been there through most of the stuff I’ve have to deal with and with no fault of my own just people’s lack of support and proper knowledge of what happened. All I know is I am a good person and I never judge people without knowing the full extent of what’s happening I’ve lost so much but for the better I’ve moved on I built my life back up with the help of one man who loves me completely he’s seen me at my worst and picked me up when I needed him made me see the reason I should keep trying he definitely deserves me at my best I’m a very lucky lady having the love and support of my partner. I just wish I didn’t have to go through hell and back to find him. I wish I met him alot sooner than I did.

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