Awake wishing my body would just Shut up and let me get a good night’s rest


It’s 2:15am and I haven’t slept 😭why your probably asking yourself. What are you doing still up you silly woman lol. Well pain relief isn’t really working today sometimes the pain is bearable and some times it just won’t stop no matter what the doctor gives me. And my bed isn’t the best trying to save up for one of them specialist beds for extra comfort there meant to be amazingly comfortable for situations like mine. At the moment I had a bulging disk and also suffer from syatica so them conditions combined is just annoying i can’t really do much I feel like I should be about 90 my dad’s 66 and he’s got more moves than I have and he’s had a hip replacement 😂. Hope everyone’s having a good night or day where ever your from around the world I wish you well and good health.. Goodnight don’t let the bed bugs bite 😊

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