New tattoos


It’s been a crazy week for me last week got let go its been a horrible year so far to be honest in January lost a friend a fury friend Sylvester. Couple of months later lost a beautiful friend to a monster. She was taken way to soon. And as you know it comes in 3s so the other day friday I had a meeting and due to my health issues i lost my job they said I couldn’t work need to take early retirement 35 wow. So upset my head isn’t in the game at the moment. My doctor said it’s gonna take alot to get used to have to claim. Pip. Personal independent payment. Makes me feel uncomfortable to be honest never thought I would be classed as having a disability I’ve worked and I’ve never asked for anything off anyone. It’s a massive blow to my convdence and massive blow to the family. My condition will wosren as I get older and that tbh scares me. But in other news I got some new tattoos. Just to cheer me up. One is a rose 🌹 in memory of a amazing woman who was always smiling no matter what life brought her. Other one is my Sylvester the cat 🙀 ill put some pictures at the end so u can see them. But I’m still here I know I haven’t written in a while I’m just not well alot as gone on my health isn’t the best but I’m trying to keep my spirits up. The rose on my hand has alot of meaning. It’s a little swollen at the moment but I’ll repost when it’s gone down. Xxx

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