Working from home

Working from home since 2019 i fell ill and had to be let go by doctors orders , i really missed having a job it really got me down that was suck in the house i missed the job i was really sad to be let go from a job i loved i looked after people who needed the help i was a carer and it was all i really knew how to be , i was let go because of my back i couldn’t bend or even walk properly in the end , and i was getting worse first few weeks i was off i would slowly plot around the house like i was a 90 year old with hardly no movement , it was hard my husband had to bath me and i just felt so useless because it was always me looking after others, so since ive been away ive been trying to get my body back into shape i went to the hospital did physio and exercise since then , ive gained a-lot of strength back into my spine and now i can walk without pain bend without feeling old , mind im only 36 soon to be 37 i have two beautiful teenager daughters , i am happy to report i have a job interview on the 27th july 2020 im looking forward to going back to work and doing what i love , i do still have my amazing working from home project please go and check it out its amazing , its keep me going the company is so amazing there all natural based , plant based with no animal testing , i hope everyone is safe in this covid19 pandemic its a scary world at the moment but we can get through it .

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