My Michigan man , when god made me friends he gave me the best ones ❤

I Want to introduced my best friend dalton he is one of a kind . there isn’t anything he wouldnt do for me and there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him it be coming up 4 years of knowning eachother he’s there when I need him and an to me that matters our connection is so strong I can be myself with him we are so goofy together he knows my all my flaws an still loves me for them , he knows me inside and out as I do him he lives in Michigan 😔 its really hard not being able to go see him when i want or just spend time with him the way I would like to but having him in my life is a blessing he’s been a rock and I wouldn’t change him for anything . I am a very lucky person to know who he is ❤😊 he will always be apart of my life and any future partners who can’t accept that hes a massive part of my life then all I can say to them is jog on 🤣🤣 Love my bestie

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