Starting again 2021

This isn’t the easiest to write but i think its a need for myself to write it down as you all know i was married a guy we spent every waking hour together 12 years making some great memories and some not so good its been 7 months now ive been single rebuilding my life after being left broken hearted and really confused on the whole situation , dont really want to go into why we broke up but all i can tell you is it left a massive hole in my heart , while trusting few people asked me what is the dots underneath my eye mean, it actually means three times ive had to rebuild my life from scratch , each one to signify each broken heart and rebuild ive had to endure ive only had three serious relationships all left there own scars ,but this last one hit me the hardest I put everything into this I built my world around him never thinking it would end until death to us part , but what I’ve learnt tomorrow isn’t promised , life is very much a gift , and everything happens for a reason , the reason for my heartbroke is not really known to me at the moment but I’m sure that life has a better story in place , along the way I’ve met some amazing new people around the world , telling me that everything will be ok and if I needed them all I need to do is reach out just a chat or a drink just a little normality helps . this situation wasn’t in my control and can’t be undone so I’m not going to let the past couple of months define who I am . I’m going to keep smiling keep strong and rebuild what I deserve . all I ever wanted was a happy life an that is my goal no settling for anything less . ❤

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