Had the best monday

Love my favorite human ❤😝

Monday who likes Mondays are not the best and not many people love them but today for me was so lovely , was woken up around 8am it was my favorite person my rock he rang me to see how I was and tell me about things he’s doing he had the best day went out enjoyed himself , we spent a good few hours talking on the phone being goofy together lol as usual , and as we are like 5 hours difference between he was sleepy after hours on the phone , we talked , laughed , listened to music opened up about life struggles without no judgement it was just so nice , and he won me a teddy while he was out 😍 super excited to get it in the post its adorable . pink and cuddly he named it kiki 🤣 one thing I love doing is just being around him wether its a couple of minutes or hours his company never gets old ❤ and thats what makes him one of a kind he’s a ride or die kinda person, everyone needs at least one true friend , one they know no matter what happens in life there always going to be there and I finally found my lobster 😍 hope you all enjoyed your day today the way I did . enjoy tomorrow we all know Tuesday is Mondays ugly sister lol . but life’s a gift make the most of it . xxx

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