Day dreaming

There is not one person in the world that doesn’t dream some day dream some have night mares and some have the most wonderful so real dreams , me since my situation and finding myself again ive been dreaming a lot things about whats in the future who im going to let in again after so long of being with one for 12 years sometimes the dreams i have are so so real some i would love not to wake up from and some in the dreams i have been having there peaceful not pain or hurt no worries that life gives everyone , i would love to see myself in about five years time will i be married will i be happy and no body knows what the future holds all i can focus on at the moment is my life and keep moving forward yep as my friends describe me i over think maybe thats not such a bad thing i mean i have been through some horrible times its natural to think things are going to go side ways when your always getting let down by people along the way , but i can only dream of better times ahead so wish me luck

happy Saturday

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