Maybe , maybe not

Question i have been asking myself recently is will i ever say YES again do i want to put myself through that again i mean marriage to me meant so much my oldest brother is married going on about 19 years maybe more but my mum and dad well they been married for nearly 50 years and there still so much in love as i remember when i was little such beautiful people and thats all i ever wanted ever since i was a child but i never had any luck with the love side people tend to do me so wrong, i mean who doesn’t want the fairy tale kinda love i know i do and it happen ive seen it i only wanted to marry once but it didn’t work actually broke my heart still healing from it , i hope one day someone walks in to my life and makes me see why none of the past relationships never worked . i would one day look at this post and smile thinking i found love again but this time its going to last a life time

wish me luck xxx

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