I am such wow look at that moon kinda girl

I always been a wow look at that moon person love the night skies dont really know alot about the moon but what i do know its amazing and very beautiful to look at so many different colors all beautiful in there own right the night skies are very peaceful loved the moon since i was little i remember looking out my window as a child and wondering if there was anyone watching back lol kinda silly i know but cute at the same time think i was around 8 years old so give me some credit haha , now im in my 30s i still look at the moon and just watch it think about the people i love and miss wondering if there somewhere in the world looking back at it i think most people day dream at the skies wondering if there is anything on the moon it wont ever get old its like my peaceful place to go .

the moon is also a reminder that no matter what phase your in your still whole just some parts of yourself are a little hidden with the darkness you sometimes feel in your life and when your ready the parts you thought where lost will slowly come back .

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