Lets talk art

lets talk art the picture you see is the art work of my 15 year old daughter she really is something else shes been drawing since around 7 years old and her skills have developed so fast , not be long and she will be left high school and going to college doing you guessed it art , i taught her the basics of how a body and face works on paper its all mainly lines and once you cracked the way you can go so far i am so proud of her and whats shes achieved in her young stage of her life she really is one of a kind not to mention she smiles her way through life , one thing she knows that is all i ever ask her of dont take life to serious enjoy the moments you have do what you love and what you want to do not want someone makes you do because you arent going to be happy in someone elses shoes time as flown so fast shes coming to a age were she doesn’t really need me as much and being a mother its hard to let go well not let go more a space give her time to grow in her skin and do the things she adores , i love watching her grow in to a beautiful young lady she really has become in her own i love how arty she is she loves hanging with her friends and family , if you have time please go check out her art work on Instagram page she posts on there as much as she can shes never far away from a pencil and pad in hand

her Instagram https://www.instagram.com/animeart.kd/?hl=en

super proud to see how far shes grown so far and im looking forward to more years to come mama loves you always , keep going xxx

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