Dont water yourself down let the world see you , you are beautiful.

Some times you can never please anyone but reality is you wasn’t born to please anyone but yourself because you have to live within your own skin and be completely happy with the type of respectful human we all should be really. but when you get that one person you just cant seem to do anything right , walk away because your not being yourself and that is the worst thing you could ever do , you are beautiful you dont need anyone to tell you, difference is good and people need to embrace who they are , there has been so many times ive watered myself down to please other people but i shouldn’t of because it made me trapped and wasn’t really who i was and i didnt want to be in someones shadow , there is people out there that will adore you and love you for you and the right people wont ask you to water yourselves down be happy be you and most of all love yourself

Love , smile , dance , and embrace life because its a real short ride you dont get a second chance

Happy Monday Love always

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