I did it , art shop opened

Okay i been wanting to open a online shop for sometime but never thought i was good enough to do it , but then it dawned on me its artwork and expression of my own personality , most people wont like it but there will be some who will , at the moment im teaching myself how to use Photoshop in a more creative way .

by louisa daley /davies

Things i love is art and being as creative as my mind will let me this piece above is two of my favorite things out together coffee and the night skies and you know me i love the moon ,

The artwork i did above was a little harder than the last getting to know Photoshop and understanding how it really does work you can let your imagination go wild , i do hope i get better at it getting me through a very hard time in my life at the moment so anything to keep me busy and works for me is worth the effort , hope you all are having a lush Tuesday mines pretty Quiet but sometimes i do like it like that gives me time to write more and enjoy the things i love,

give you get some time please check out my online shop maybe give it a little follow as time goes on i will add more artwork i have only just opened so bare with me ill leave the link at the end so from me have a amazing day ,

Shop link above

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