Souls within Good vs Evil

i was told other night i have a beautiful soul actually made my heart melt when he said that he must see something i dont im just being me i was brought up well good manners please and thanks and just be a nice person because it does actually take more to hate then love hating would drain any soul , as we talk most of the time he knows me more than anyone on a personal level, as i dont really open up to anyone and to be honest no ones really taken the time to listen so for him to not only tell me i have a beautiful soul and then give me many reasons on why he thinks i am really is impressive, the guy as a beautiful soul he doesn’t see it but i do, back to souls i do believe we have one its a good reason why you should always fall in love with a soul and not a face or body ,

So what do you really understand about someones soul if you believe in them that is i think i always said the eyes are the door to the soul the eyes can give so many paths the look of love is one of the most , you can look at someone with so much love and adornment the person can feel it through the power of there eyes , some say its the heart where the connection like no other can touch but no one really knows where the soul is within the human body i also believe that the body is just a vessel that the soul needs to survive and that is where the lost soul comes in to play ghosts once the body cant hold our souls anymore its left drifting the other world i maybe talking utter rubbish and not making any sense but really think about it , the body can only last so long maybe a soul can only live so long in a body ,

credited art work by Robby

i think that believing we are souls and all different in our own right is a beautiful way to look two souls are meant to be together because they always find there the term meant to be in the end will always come back around and you wont ever be happy if you dont find your ying to your yang i could talk about souls ages but anyway thats my thought of the day

wishing you all a blessed Tuesday love bye xxx

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