BE YOUNIQUE Forevermore

The BE YOUNIQUE Forevermore collection includes:

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Come Hither collection

2019 collection

The BE YOUNIQUE Come Hither collection includes:

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BE YOUNIQUE Up and Stunning

2019 collections

The BE YOUNIQUE Up and Stunning collection includes:

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BE YOUNIQUE Blessing in Disguise Collection


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Having two messy teenagers.

messy teenagers

now a bit of mess i dont mind but when they dont do anything that gets annoying they wait for me to do it , nope not anymore had enough i wasn’t a lazy child i helped my mum and dad with stuff around the house now when i say messy i mean messy, lets talk about my oldest she’s 14 she likes to shower all the time taking every towel in site and when she does she uses everything i own creams and powers and i dont mind im not a greedy woman but when the bathroom floor is covered in baby power it looks like she’s just had fight it all over the floor and does she clean it up Hell no she doesn’t thats mums job i love her dont get me wrong but who says i need to clean after them every two mins think its time for a change if they see me doing it all they will leave me to do it i dont think thats fair there isn’t a rule book in the world that says mum has to do everything