Hopfest 2019

My dad in the middle with the sax was doing a Festival it was so much fun and as usual i took my camera it was at the grasshoppers Rugby club in preston and there was Gin beer and all sorts going on there was live music with food turned out to be a great gig for my dad and the band ,

very proud of my dad hes so talented loves entertaining going on gigs and there all a nice bunch of lads in the band .

Will I ever Smile again

I’m not a woman who has had it easy and I don’t tell alot of people what I’ve actually been through I’ve had my a roller-coaster of a life and not many people along the way to help me. Let’s go back to the start I was young and full of life I would have done anything to help family and friends if I could. I started dated someone I thought was a wonderful man he was kind enough and loving at the start made me feel special bought me flowers when I was down to cheer me up. We moved in together 2004 I remember like it was yesterday. Everything was fine. 1 year later one day it all changed it was like he was prosessed he became very controlling and possessive couldn’t go out never had friends wouldn’t dress the way I wanted to made me feel worthless never understood what changed or what I did. He became very violent locked me up while he drank smacked me around untill I passed out. At that time I felt it was to late to get out it became more and more likely that I wouldn’t get out at all i feared him he knocked out my teeth and I never had the money to fix them he said I’m gonna make u that ugly no one will want u.. That’s the short story Well I did get away 7 years of hell I was free and I was a shell of a woman. I hide from the world. Then 5 years later I met my husband he’s the most amazing person I could ask for he found me at my lowest and built me back up brick by brick and I really think that someone was watching over me because he came out of the blue and he’s always shown me what true love is always been truthful and loyal and he shows me he loves me every day. So my message is this to anyone man or woman going through something similar to my story you can get the strenth to leave you don’t deserve to be treated horrible like your worth nothing. I will one day get my teeth sorted and be able smile again.. BE TRUE TO YOURSELF. Be Strong… Xxxx

New tattoos

It’s been a crazy week for me last week got let go its been a horrible year so far to be honest in January lost a friend a fury friend Sylvester. Couple of months later lost a beautiful friend to a monster. She was taken way to soon. And as you know it comes in 3s so the other day friday I had a meeting and due to my health issues i lost my job they said I couldn’t work need to take early retirement 35 wow. So upset my head isn’t in the game at the moment. My doctor said it’s gonna take alot to get used to have to claim. Pip. Personal independent payment. Makes me feel uncomfortable to be honest never thought I would be classed as having a disability I’ve worked and I’ve never asked for anything off anyone. It’s a massive blow to my convdence and massive blow to the family. My condition will wosren as I get older and that tbh scares me. But in other news I got some new tattoos. Just to cheer me up. One is a rose 🌹 in memory of a amazing woman who was always smiling no matter what life brought her. Other one is my Sylvester the cat 🙀 ill put some pictures at the end so u can see them. But I’m still here I know I haven’t written in a while I’m just not well alot as gone on my health isn’t the best but I’m trying to keep my spirits up. The rose on my hand has alot of meaning. It’s a little swollen at the moment but I’ll repost when it’s gone down. Xxx

what a emotional day so far

very upset feeling alot of unwanted emotions 

😦 had my welfare meeting at work today to talk about my occupational health report ive been off sick for about 7 months going through a lot of appointments with the musculoskeletal clinic and still on going also awaiting for a scan . the out come of the meeting was clear that i am at the moment unfit for work due to my condition dont really want to go into to much detail on my Condition but i am heartbroken, i do want to say im gonna miss all my friends ive worked with over the time ive been there i wish you all the very best thanks for all your support heres to getter better xxx

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