Hopfest 2019

My dad in the middle with the sax was doing a Festival it was so much fun and as usual i took my camera it was at the grasshoppers Rugby club in preston and there was Gin beer and all sorts going on there was live music with food turned out to be a great gig for my dad and the band ,

very proud of my dad hes so talented loves entertaining going on gigs and there all a nice bunch of lads in the band .

Had a lovely night last night

Well i let my hair down yesterday had some Gin and lemonade oh wow it taste lovely we got theses given at Christmas 2018 as my husband works for the company they are made at and they give us a hamper , been wanting to try them for a while but theres always something in the way to spend time just us but yesterday we made time and it was awesome just like old time were we got merry watched are favourite tv show laughing and talking just being us after 10 years of being together sometimes you get stuck in a rut and forget about the small things things get over run by your life kids and work and forget how it all begin it was fab date night is defiantly on the cards and have a lot more of us time , the Liverpool Gin tastes amazing not had the others yet but i will let you know lol ,