A little taste of Goodness

Healthy , salad with eggs and pasta

A little taste of goodness this afternoon i had a healthy dish home made of course not hard to boil a egg and stick some pasta on , i just realised how expensive it really is to eat healthy i mean you can go to your local takeout and get chips for a £1 i must say i had frozen foods and i dont like buying it but i do for the kids because they just love there pies i dont them ill start making my own homemade pies i think that would be fun to do any tips on how to would be fantastic home made pizza is that healthy ? i guess its all about how much you eat and not so much and how much you eat maybe ? who knows all i know is family of 4 trying the healthy side of life isnt cheap need to find a way that works for all of us , the school meals my daughters say aren’t healthy at all so eating that at school and then eating healthy at home how would i get around that , maybe pack lunch all i know is to stay away from certain foods and eat less and often as they say ill let you know how the homes made stuff goes .

Day #1 of the new me

blueberries and yogurt

yep today this the day my new healthy eating start so far i have had 2 glasses of orange juice i missed my breakfast i had a sleep in well earned lol but i managed to be good and have dinner i had blueberries with yogurt actually wasn’t to bad taste nice been looking at other things i can cook do stuff like set meals cant wait to get into a healthy food routine .

Time for a change time isn’t on my side.

Think its time to change the way i live my life at the moment i am unwell sick with pain from the bulging disk i have at times its so painful i cant move and i get sent to hospital to have a dose of there powerful medication i find it hard to workout and have the strength to get through it i shouldn’t be feeling like this i am only 35 my dad who is 66 has more bounce than i have and hes not in the best of health i miss working i miss my social life i had a good network of friends but as i become more ill it all disappeared i was the one who loved my job but the job i do is not friendly to your body is its it tall now i feel like a change is needed healthy eating , and all that jazz i think the most painful for me to overcome is going to be the exercise oh and yeah give up the cigs . i dont really drink only when its like birthdays or wedding celebrations i did all that when i was younger drinking on student nights going out early coming home the next morning lol . yep i was a rebel me and my partner are trying to a have a child something ive wanted to give him since we got together i know thats all hes ever wanted we lost our first she or he would of been 9 and every since then my body just wont give us what we truly desire he says if he never happens he will love me no matter what and that makes him a very special soul , he has not give up hope hes got more strength than he knows he has hes put up with me for so long . anyway thats a diffrent story than im sure ill share with you all one day first thing is first , STOP eating JUNK food lol going to be hard as im a chocoholic and when im upset i comfort eat im sure alot of people have here sin foods lol. Wish me luck and ill keep you all up todate on whats going on i know ive got the push through the pain no matter what comes i need to have this CHANGE …